China opposes politicizing the origins of COVID

NEW YORK: China opposes politicizing efforts to uncover the origins of the coronavirus, the Chinese Consulate General in New York has said.
“Some U.S. politicians and media never stop their stigmatizing and politicizing campaign” but origins tracing is a serious scientific matter, the consulate’s spokesperson said in a Boston Herald editorial Thursday.
The U.S. intelligence community isn’t qualified to reach any scientific conclusion tracing the origins of the virus, and its report on the issue will only “interfere in and undermine the global efforts of origins tracing and cooperation on pandemic response,” added the spokesperson.
The joint report on origins tracing done by the World Health Organization and Chinese scientists in early 2021 is authoritative and “can stand the test of science and history,” said the spokesperson, adding that “it must be respected and implemented. Future global origins study should and can only be carried out on this basis,” the spokesperson said, expressing China’s position to support and willingness to continue to take part in science-based efforts to uncover the origins of the virus.
As the pandemic continues to rage, priority remains to enhance solidarity and cooperation, and the Chinese Consulate General in New York will keep promoting anti-pandemic cooperation between China and its consular district, the spokesperson said.
Responding to increasing xenophobia against Asians in the United States during the pandemic, the spokesperson said that Asian Americans’ concerns should not be ignored.
Discrimination, bullying, even hatred and attacks against racial minorities have been intensified by the spread of stigmatizing remarks by U.S. politicians to “blindly blame China and shirk its own responsibilities,” said the spokesperson. – Agencies