China makes a headway in Virus combat



From Mahnoor Makhddom

BEIJING: In a major development, the Chinese authorities have met success with regard to combating the deadly Coronavirus epidemic as they have so far managed to cure 60 patients .
According The Daily Mail’s findings, the China National Health Commission has so far a confirmation of treating and discharging nearly 60 patients, brought to medical facilities with virus. At present, 47,833 close contacts have been tracked across the country. Of the 914 people who were released from medical observation on the same day, 44,132 people are currently receiving medical observation.
Medical experts are terming it as a major development on part of China to combat the deadly Virus spread. These experts have expressed their utmost satisfaction over China’s rapid response to the syndrome, saying that Chinese authorities were efficient enough to have their medical researchers to dig out some immediate solution to the menace, adding that it was a very positive sign that the Virus would be completely defeated in very near future.
Meanwhile, the Chief of the World Health organization , the WHO has also praised the commitment of authorities in China to minimize risks of the spread of the deadly virus, a day ahead of a decision by the UN agency on whether to declare a rare global emergency over the outbreak.
“What they are doing is a very, very strong measure and with full commitment. So based on the situation they are taking the action they deem is appropriate, is very important,” WHO Director-General Tedros Ahanom Ghebreyesus said.