China junks US criticism on CPC


DM Monitoring

BEIJING: China vehemently rejects USA’s criticism over the role of Communist Party of China (CPC) in running the country’s affairs.
This was stated by a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Office Wang Wenbin in a regular news briefing.
Commenting on the recent negative remarks of Mike Pompeo about CPC, Wang Wenbin said “Pompeo negated every aspect of China-US relations over the past 40 years, flagrantly attacked the CPC and called on countries to gang up on China.
His outrageously deranged words have been criticized and condemned by all people who love peace and have a sense of justice, including those in the US.
Pompeo’s accusation of “CPC’s designs for hegemony” is out of not only ignorance but also bias. The CPC started with only dozens of members, and today it has grown into a major party with over 91 million members and has long been the ruling party in the world’s most populous country.
The reason for it, which Pompeo’s ignorant of, is that the CPC always puts people’s interests as the first priority, and always sticks together with the people through thick and thin.
As revealed in a research recently published by the John F.Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University, under the leadership of the CPC, the Chinese people’s overall support and satisfaction towards the Central Government exceeds 93%. According to a research result released by Edelman, 95% of the Chinese people trust the Chinese government, ranking the top of all countries surveyed, while the US is the second to last with trust from only 48% citizens.
The CPC’s goal is to realize the great renewal of the Chinese nation, not replacing the US. In the end, the international status of the US depends on itself, not others. The CPC is a political party that strives for the well-being of the Chinese people as well as the progress of mankind. China champions and practices the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence.
China is the largest contributor of peacekeepers among the five permanent members of the Security Council, and has been contributing to the peaceful settlement of the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the Iranian nuclear issue and other regional and international hotspots, as well as the response to climate change and other global challenges.
In recent years China has contributed over 30 percent to the world economic growth, and has helped a lot in the international response to the financial crisis in Asia and the global financial crisis. These are all facts witnessed by the whole world, which cannot be erased by Pompeo. Pompeo was calling for an anti-China coalition in his speech, but he seems to have forgotten that in the 21st century, instigation of hatred and confrontation runs counter to the trend of the times. The US gains no support in trying to reverse the wheel of history. Pompeo talks all about safeguarding democracy and freedom, but he doesn’t represent democracy and freedom at all.
He serves the US hegemony and the interest groups behind him. But long gone are the days of ideological confrontation. The world today is on an unstoppable trend towards multi-polarity.
It has been almost half a century since President Nixon’s visit to China. The development of China-US relationship over this period of time taught us that a steady and sound bilateral relationship grows only when there’s equality and mutual respect.
China doesn’t intend to change the US, and the US surely cannot alter China. We would like to develop China-US relations featuring coordination, cooperation and stability, but we reject any bullying and injustice. The Chinese people are not weak-kneed, and the world are not easily deceived. We urge a few US politicians to stop slandering the CPC and the Chinese people and undercutting China-US exchange and cooperation. We call on all peace-loving countries and people to step forward and say no to the insanity of Pompeo and his like that jeopardizes world peace.”