China emerges as a ‘friend of humanity’

By Md Enamul Hassan

Though mankind has evolved through constant struggle against viruses and epidemics, the novel coronavirus outbreak has created a health crisis unlike any other in our lifetimes. The world is going through the toughest time in human history. The death toll from the virus is mounting every day. Unfortunately, China took the first and hardest hit as coronavirus caught the country unaware. Though now it has turned into a global pandemic, China gave the world the breathing space to prepare for its inevitable global spread.
The sacrifices of medical workers of China on the front line of the battle of preventing and controlling the virus have created an unprecedented example of philanthropy in human history. Following such unprecedented sacrifices of the medical workers and timely measures taken by the prudent leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, China has achieved a wide range of good results in its fight against the outbreak. The number of new infections and deaths has remained zero for the last several consecutive days.
A total of 70,420 patients have recovered out of some 80,928 infected people. China has been able to halt the coronavirus in such a short time because every Chinese citizen fought like a soldier against the virus. The Chinese scientists are close to developing a vaccine which will be a revolutionary progress and achievement in the fight against the epidemic. Such tremendous achievements of China are of course an invaluable service to humankind for safeguarding them from the virus.
But such tremendous successes in its people’s war against the outbreak have never stopped China from continuing the fight to save the world from the curse of the virus. The nation, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, has widened its fronts beyond the border. The
The president said his country stands ready to work with other countries to boost international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control and build a community of common health for mankind.
As per commitment of the president, China has extended its helping hands to the rest of the world. With its first-hand experience with coronavirus, the country has offered help to some 180 countries, the World Health Organization and the African Union in the fight against the pandemic. The countries include the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Japan, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Serbia, Palestine, and South Korea. The medical supplies China has sent to the countries include test kits, masks, protective clothing and other medical equipment. China has also shared its diagnosis and treatment plans, held video conferences with health experts from many countries and international organizations. Chinese enterprises and non-governmental organizations have also begun to donate medical supplies to affected countries.
Risking life and limb, many Chinese expert teams are also now working in different countries. The Chinese medics are on the front lines of the war for building a community with a shared future for humankind. They are now in Italy, Spain, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Serbia to name a few. As the situation in Italy became severe, China donated medical supplies to Italy. China has already sent two groups of medical experts, and is about to send the third batch. Besides, the China Silk Road Fund has donated 20,000 N95 masks and 20,000 test reagents to the Italian Civil Protection Agency and the Lombardy regional government.
China gave some 500 sets of the “most advanced kits” to Bangladesh to identify coronavirus. China again provided Bangladesh with about 10,000 coronavirus testing kits, 10,000 medical protective clothing, 15,000 medical masks and one thousand infrared thermometers on Thursday. With medical supplies, a Chinese expert team is now in Iraq to increase Iraq’s capabilities of combating the spread of coronavirus. China will build a new laboratory in Baghdad to diagnose the virus. The seven-member Chinese expert team is now in Baghdad for one month.
Pakistan has received around 12,000 coronavirus testing kits from China. Beijing is also committed to continuing to provide “as much assistance as it can” to Iran to curb the outbreak. China offered a batch of anti-epidemic supplies and sent a team of voluntary health experts to Iran. China has also urged the US to lift sanctions on Iran amid coronavirus response.
Though China is going through the hardest time in its history, the country has stood by other affected countries with vast support and cooperation.
Thus China has proved that it’s really committed to building a community with a shared future for humankind. China has emerged as a “friend of humanity” as the world scrambles to combat coronavirus. President Xi has, like a passionate world leader, precisely said, “We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.”
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item