China deploys over 100 5G stations for Olympics 2022

ISLAMABAD: Athletes from all over the world will get to experience the ease and convenience of China’s high-speed communications network during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics as more than 100 5G base stations have already been built in 17 competition venues.
According to the Beijing branch of China Tower Corporation, the company responsible for the communications construction project, people will also be able to enjoy speedy service along the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway and the Beijing-Chongli Expressway, the two main arteries to most venues, thanks to the 5G base stations installed along both routes, China Daily reported .
“We started exploration work for the 5G base stations two years ago,” said Cheng Jiwei, deputy general manager of the Beijing branch of China Tower Corp. “At present, we have completed all infrastructure construction for the Winter Olympics mobile communication network.
“The task wasn’t easy. Most of the 5G base stations have been built from scratch, as physical conditions are complicated in competition areas, especially the venues for events like Alpine skiing, which are located in the remote mountains.”
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item