China criticises America’s ‘so-called’ democratic system

BEIJING: A spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian criticised ‘So-called’ USA’s democratic system, while commenting on a recent Ipsos poll.
According to the Ipsos poll, 36% of Americans say US democracy is in crisis; 50% think it is facing serious challenges; 75% believe the “political system can become less divisive and more constructive”; 71% want ordinary people to “have more of a voice”. Zhao Lijian said ” Just look at their so-called “democracy”. Some US politicians have been pretentiously portraying their country as a “beacon of democracy”.
They are obsessed with interfering in other countries’ internal affairs and engaging in ideological infiltration under the guise of democracy, while what they really need to pay attention to is issues with democracy at home.
In addition to the Ipsos poll you mentioned, a YouGov poll in June shows that only 31% Americans are optimistic about the future of American democracy, while 59% are “dissatisfied with the way American democracy is working”. Another poll indicates that 67% of Americans believe American democracy is “under threat”, and 52% think the nation “is headed in the wrong direction”.
As an old Chinese saying goes, “one who lives under the roof knows it when it leaks; one who lives among the folk knows it when the government policy is wrong”. Democracy is a common value of all mankind.
The key yardstick to judge whether a political system is good or not lies in whether it can bring political stability, social progress and better livelihood, and whether it is endorsed and supported by the people.
With numerous problems at home, the US is in no position to impose its so-called model of democracy on others with an condescending air of arrogance and prejudice. Still less does it have the right to use the banner of “democracy” to form small cliques targeting specific countries, and malign or even demonize other social systems. The US ought to heed the appeal of its people, reflect on itself, and acknowledge and solve problems with its own democracy. – Agencies