China can no longer be coerced by any country

By Zamir Ahmed Awan

“Anyone attempting to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones,” Chinese President Xi Jinping was quoted as saying during his meeting with Nepali Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli, during his visit to Nepal on 13 October 2019.
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, some Western countries have been blaming, bashing, and coercing China. The use of derogatory remarks, humiliation of Chinese nationals, and putting the blame on China is often seen in the Western media.
It reminds me of 120 years ago, when the so-called Eight Allied Powers – Gengzi (Austria-Hungary, Britain, France, Japan, Italy, Russia, Germany, the US) declared war on China for its alleged anti-Western tendencies. In 1901, China agreed to pay reparations of 450 million taels of silver.
Today, we have noticed some Western powers wanting to do the same and demanding compensation for losses brought by COVID-19. The Mail Online said on April 4 that China “owes us £351 billion in compensation”.
I also recalled the great leader Deng Xiaoping telling British PM Margaret Thatcher that China would take back Hong Kong in 1997 no matter what, otherwise the Chinese government would have been like the late Qing dynasty. China after 1949 was not Qing-China, and Hong Kong had to be returned!
China has emerged as a geopolitical power, and has proved its capabilities during its fight against COVID-19. The whole world has witnessed its visionary leadership and strong strategy during the outbreak. Most sensible nations have acknowledged and admired the role played by the Chinese during the outbreak.
Not only has China succeeded in controlling the contagion in China, it is also assisting the world in fighting the pandemic. Chinese experience may serve as a guideline for the rest of the World. China has already emerged as a global leader.
China has an interest in a stable and peaceful world. The country is promoting diplomacy, understanding, cultural integration, free and fair trade, globalization, and prosperity. It is keen on maintaining a stable and safe world order.
Media war, trade war, visa sanctions, blacklisting of Chinese companies, and pandemic as a political tool are all methods of a hybrid war being waged against China.
The country is fully aware of all these threats and still not openly retaliating, due to its centuries-old wisdom and deep strategy. China has set its goals for development and wants to meet its targets peacefully. China does not want any confrontation with any nation on any issue.
The Chinese system of governance is very robust and comprehensive. It has its own merit of democracy, which might be very different from Western-style democracy. The Chinese public trusts its leadership and strengthens its hand, while the Chinese leadership protects the public interest and works hard for its welfare. The Chinese people and the government are on the same page. There is no deficiency of trust on either side. China can resolve its domestic issues.
President Xi loves his people, and as was seen during the outbreak, he made every possible effort to save the lives of Chinese people. He also loves humankind and is trying his best to save human beings in any part of the World. China is providing medical supplies, medical teams, and experts to the rest of the world. China is sharing its proven successful experience with other nations.
China believes in the basic principles set by the United Nations Charter and abides by them strictly, that is to say, non-interference in other countries’ domestic affairs.
In the history of modern China since 1949, China has never interfered in the internal issues of any other nation. China maintains its relations with all countries on the basis of equality, mutual respect, mutual interests, and non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs, and expects other nations to follow a similar policy of non-interference in Chinese affairs. China is a sovereign state and possesses the capacity to handle all its issues.
China has developed in all dimensions, including economy, S&T, defense, industry, agriculture, health and so on, to a stage where no other country can challenge it. China has already surpassed this threshold.
Any conspiracy against China will be unsuccessful. China can easily face any challenge posed to its sovereignty, and no one can coerce China anymore.
–The Daily Mail-People’s Daily news exchange item