China calls on US for healthy competition, co-op


BEIJING: China calls on the U.S. for healthy competition and win-win cooperation between the two countries, Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an interview with the Associated Press, adding that the two countries should do their utmost to avoid confrontation, especially factitious confrontation, CGTN reported on Sunday.
How does China define bilateral ties?
“It disproportionately stresses competition and confrontation, and plays down cooperation. Such an approach is too negative and lacks a forward-going spirit,” said Le commenting on the U.S.’ definition of the relationship.
The U.S. has said China is a “most serious competitor,”and defined the relationship as competitive, cooperative and adversarial.
“In English, you have the prefix of ‘co-’, which means doing things together. In cooperation, one should not be selfish and care only about self interests with little regard for the well-being of the other side,” Le said.
Talking about U.S. Special Envoy John Kerry’s trip to China for discussions on cooperation against climate change, Le pointed out that cooperation in more areas can be conducted. “For instance, we have provided favorable COVID-19 vaccination arrangements for each other’s diplomats,” he said.
How to keep human rights differences from derailing cooperation?
“Differences must not be turned into friction points, and human rights are no excuse to interfere in each other’s internal affairs. And no country is in the position to lecture others on human rights issues,” Le stressed. –The Daily Mail-CGTN News exchange item