‘China building closer global ties via BRI’

By Ajmal Khan

ISLAMABAD: President Arif Alvi has said that China’s efforts on BRI and CEPC initiatives are to build better relations with other countries and make possible interconnectivity with other countries
Addressing a ceremony, held here at the Chinese embassy to mark the 70th anniversary of foundation of People’s Republic of China, President said that he had witnessed China’s fast development in his visit to Mainland. He said that china had uplifted millions out of poverty line and Pakistan needed to learn from it. The President said China was building durable relations with other countries with Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which was the reason for locking world second economic position.
On the occasion, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing forwarded warm welcome to the guests and participants and said that the presence of the president and other officials on this occasion marks that China and Pakistan relations is of great importance. He further said, that China has adopted opening policy, with which the GDP has increase to 14 trillion.
The Chinese ambassador said that we believe in the vision and leadership of president Xi and china is fulfilling its responsibilities at best.
The Ambassador put light on the history of China, and said that for the last 70 years the people of China has followed the path of socialism. He said, that under the leadership of President Xi the country has achieved highest place in international community and with his vision will progress even further.
He also pointed towards the future plans for up lifting million more from poverty, the development in the technology is said to be the key for improving transportation and connectivity, and has said that the county has progress in artificial intelligent and digital information mechanism.
The Ambassador highlighted the friendship of Pakistan and said that Pakistan is the first country to have recognized the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago. He also said that Pakistan is the first Islamic country to have established diplomatic relations with china. He also said that china will never forget Pakistan’s efforts in last 40’s at United Nations to support China. The friendship between china Pakistan is stronger than steel and deeper than ocean. For the last five years both countries officials are meeting to further strengthen our friendship. The Ambassador also, said that at this moment more than 25 thousand Pakistani students are studying in china, in which more than seven thousand are on scholarships.