China, Britain urged to resist noise, disruptions

DM Monitoring

LONDON: Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming on Thursday called on his country and Britain to resist “noises and disruptions” and add positive energy into the two countries’ joint response to COVID-19.
Liu said in an online keynote speech for Asia House that he is confident that China and Britain will emerge from this test with a more mature and robust relationship, broader and deeper cooperation, and stronger and enduring friendship between the two peoples.
“China and the UK are important partners in this battle against the virus,” he said.
“At the moment, our two countries are sharing information and experience and conducting joint scientific research. We are both advocates of multilateralism. We are both supporters of the important role of the WHO in a united global response.
We are both proponents of international cooperation under the framework of the G20. And we are both promoters of better global governance on public health,” he said.
At this crucial moment, the senior Chinese diplomat said, it is important for China and Britain to take up their responsibilities and stand with each other.
Regarding China’s economy, Liu said it will maintain steady growth in the long run and this momentum has not changed and will not change.
He said China’s economy will pursue high-quality development and China will continue to be the powerhouse and stabilizer for the world economy.
“We need global, unified action to win the battle against COVID-19,” he said. “We should uphold multilateralism and support international organizations in playing an active role.”