China aids Tehran’s epidemic fight

Tehran: A group of experts from the Red Cross Society of China arrived at Tehran, Iran, on Feb. 29 to help the Islamic Republic fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19).
The group of five also carried medical materials aided from the Chinese side. They were received by Chang Hua, the Chinese Ambassador to Iran and an official from Iran’s Health Ministry.
Chang welcomed and expressed his respect for the Chinese experts who arrived at the capital at a critical moment, calling them heroes in harm’s way. He said that China and Iran are comprehensive strategic partners who will always support and stand with each other in difficult times, adding that China has been empathizing with Iran as the latter has been suffering an increasingly severe epidemic situation. He also reminded the experts to take care and wished them much success.
The official with Iran’s Health Ministry welcomed the medical supplies from China, and appreciated the country’s assistance. He said Iran is willing to enhance communication and cooperation with China and learn from China’s rich experience combating the virus.
The Chinese experts said they would waste no time and get started investigating Iran’s epidemic development and engage in exchanges with their Iranian counterparts to promote bilateral cooperation in the health sector. – Agencies