China again praises Pak CT combat


From Mahnoor Makhdoom
BEIJING: China once again threw support behind Islamabad, as the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that it supports Pakistan’s efforts to improve the country’s counter-terrorism financing system.
The Ministry added that FATF’s purpose is helping countries better combat illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing, rather than sanctioning or punishing any country.
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang issued the statement while responding to a question on the comments of a senior Chinese official who said that Beijing is opposed to blacklisting of Pakistan by FATF.
The official also mentioned the FATF plenary’s appreciation of Islamabad’s progress on the front. He said, “Not long ago, the FATF plenary meeting decided to keep Pakistan’s rating unchanged.
It shows the FATF membership’s recognition of Pakistan’s progress in improving the system of countering the financing of terrorism, as well as encouragement for Pakistan’s efforts.”
Geng said that the decision was in line with the FATF purpose of fighting terrorist financing and upholding the security of the international financial system.
The spokesperson reiterated that Beijing supports Pakistan’s efforts to improve its counter-terrorism financing system.
He added that China will work with other FATF members to provide more constructive support and assistance to Pakistan.
A Chinese official had said on Tuesday that China does not want the FATF to be politicised as some countries were pursuing their political agenda in a bid to blacklist Pakistan.