Children’s Parliament pledges creating equal opportunities

By Adnan Rafique

ISLAMABAD: The Children’s Parliament in a unanimously adopted resolution on Friday committed to create equal opportunities for all to acquire quality and cost effective education in true letter and spirit as enshrined in Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan.
The convention was organized by National Assembly Secretariat here at National Assembly Hall, in connection with Diamond Jubilee celebrations of first Constituent Assembly, committed to take all meaningful measures to minimize the number of out of school children at the earliest so that no child is left behind. The representatives of the Children’s Parliament of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan pledged to provide more opportunities for children’s civic engagement and political participation which are pivotal to the future of democracy. Reaffirmed their commitment to prioritize children’s’ issues in all agenda including planning and budgeting.
The resolution reiterated its commitment to attain all Sustainable Development Goals pertaining particularly to children.
And expressed its resolve to make new laws and amend existing ones to create a child friendly society which places children at the center of development, recognizes their individuality, respects and values their voices, observes their best interest in every sphere of life and protects them from violence, abuse and exploitation.
The Children’s Parliament in its resolution acknowledged that every child born, a message of hope for a bright future, was the future leader of the nation and has a pivotal role in the development of peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.
It reassured to safeguard rights of all children as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan.

The resolution reaffirmed to tackle the menace of child and bonded labour as enshrined in Article-11 of the Constitution. Declared that any hindrance in imparting education to girls shall not be tolerated, and the state will prevent any attempt to sabotage the participation of girls.
It stressed upon all provinces to position child health higher on political, economic and social agendas and provide adequate financial resources to match the requirements.
It reiterated to further support and strengthen the national commission on the rights of child in order to ensure greater compliance.