Chairman PAL condoles death of Urdu researcher

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters ,Dr. Yusuf Khushk Sunday expressed condolences on the sad demises of renowned Pashto and Urdu researcher and critic Sher Afzal Khan Birkotti.
In his condolence message, he said that Sher Afzal Khan Brikotti contributed valuable services to promote Pashto literature and worked actively for national unity.
His book “Iqbal Mera Humsafar†unfolds his deep association with Allama Iqbal’s thought and philosophy. He has done unique research on the Sufi personalities of Bayazid Pir Rokhan, Rehman Baba and Abdul Hameed Mashokhel.
He said that Sher Afzal Khan Brikotti’s books “Zamzama Rehman†, “Saukhan Taraz Abdul Hamid Momand†, “Bayazid Pir Rokhan†, “Tarof e Swat†and “History of Pashto Literature†are viewed with respect in literary circles. The death of Sher Afzal Khan Brikotti is a great loss to Pashto literature and culture.