CEO PCB urges critics to do constructive criticism

Karachi: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Executive Wasim Khan has once again requested critics to do positive and constructive criticism rather than doing personal attacks.
PCB CEO while talking to ‘Sports Room’ at ARY News said that there is no problem on doing criticism on policies.
“There is no problem in doing criticism as it is very important to evaluate cricket board’s performance but there is no need to attack on personality,” Wasim said.
“One thing, I want to clear is when one individual comes from abroad, he should feel welcome but the criticism which was being done was not on cricket,” he added.
It must be noted that Wasim gave an interview to The NewYork Times last week where he said that he faced criticism in Pakistan for just being a foreigner working for the country’s cricket. “I don’t think anything prepared me for the hostility I was going to face. They’ve put me on the back foot right from the word go,” Wasim told American-based newspaper.– Agencies