Celebrities aghast as court acquits Shahrukh Jatoi

By Abid Usman

In Pakistan law and justice are just for the rich. The courts, police and the whole system of prosecution and defense in Pakistan is made for the rich. It benefits them and saves them from all the crimes in the world, be it a murder, rape or extortion. You can kill people, loot and plunder and can still become a ruler in this country if you have money. We have seen Ramond Davis being flown out of this country with protocol, we have seen open and shut cases of corruption being squashed, we have seen Zahir Jaffers of this world going to courts with full confidence, we have seen killers of Nazim Jokhio not only being acquitted but also given place in the ruling houses of Islamabad and today we saw Shahrukh Jatoi getting acquitted of killing an innocent “middle class” Shahzeb Khan. Today the last light of justice was extinguished by the highest court of this country as they protected a murderer and a victim died again after 10 years.
The nation is in pin as it gets reestablished today that this is not the country for poor, this country is just for those 2% and they have immunity to kill, plunder or rape without any consequences. Like common people, celebrities also are aghast at the decision and shared their pain online.