CDA to pay salaries to employees before Eid holidays


By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority will pay salaries to all its employees before Eid Holidays. In accordance with decision of the Federal Government, Capital Development Authority also has opted for payment of salaries to its employees before Eid holidays. Salaries will be paid to employees of all categories and grades before April 21. The Chairman of Capital Development Authority had directed concerned formations of Authority to arrange payment of salaries before Eid holidays.
Accordingly, Human Resource Development Directorate of the Authority on Wednesday issued a letter to all its directorates conveying the direction of competent authority that salaries to all daily wages, contract and DPL employees may be disbursed before 21st May without fail on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. The letter for implementation has been forwarded to all DGs, Directors, and Deputy Directors.
Earlier, the CDA administration had approved payment of Eid allowance to all its Muslim Employees as per previous practice. The employees below BPS 16 will be paid Eid allowance equivalent to full basic salary while the officers will be paid Eid allowance equal to half basic pay.