CDA terminates two officials on corruption charges


ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) management has terminated its two officials on corruption, inefficiency and misconduct. The officials have been terminated in accordance with clause 8.05 (a,b&c) of CDA Employees Service Regulations 1992. The officials who have been terminated include Technician Iqbal Khan of Capital Hospital. A proper probe was conducted against the official on the charges of inefficiency, misconduct and corruption. The official was given right of defense but failed to submit satisfactory reply. The official was also granted opportunity of personal hearing, however, he failed to defend himself. Similarly, another technician of Capital Hospital Majeeb-ur-Rehman has also been removed from services on corruption, misconduct and inefficiency. The official has been terminated after fulfilling all codel formalities including proper inquiry, opportunity of personal hearing, however, the official failed to defend himself. Recovery on account of corruption, amounting to Rs.464472/- would be made from Iqbal Khan and Rs.464,472/- would be made from Majeeb-ur-Rehman, Technician.