CDA initiates studies for recycling of solid waste

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has initiated studies for recycling and disposal of the Capital’s Solid Waste intending to reduce environmental pollution which is posing a threat to the health of the general public. “The detail of studies included waste characterization studies, waste generation studies, situational analysis report, municipal solid waste (MSW) collection, haulage, treatment and disposal, rapid assessment report of landfill sites Islamabad and communication and behaviour change strategy,” an official stated.
The Urban Unit Lahore carried out studies during the period from January to March 2023 with a total cost of Rs. 21.926175 million.
However, this is an unfortunate fact that CDA has been unable to develop an international system for solid waste disposal, in the capital owing to land availability and legal issues. The authority is working on developing a system whereby it will be initiating a mechanism of solid waste minimization, reuse, segregation at source and recycling of waste keeping in view the standards for optimum disposal using the method of landfilling.
These activities will take an approximate time of one year.
It is also pertinent to mention here that CDA launched a pilot project to segregate solid waste last year to reduce environmental pollution and use items for recycling on a commercial basis.
It is a critical requirement since it enables recycling, reuse, treatment, and scientific disposal of different components of waste. Sorting out waste makes it easier to understand how to reduce general waste output, identify items that can be reused, and set aside others that should be recycled. Waste segregation practices and a workforce that understands the importance of sorting waste prevent items suitable for recycling from being thrown away with general waste. Approximately 700 tons of solid waste are collected and transported by the Sanitation Directorate and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) from the federal capital daily. The waste segregation also makes it easier to apply different processes-composting, recycling, and incineration.