CDA devising monitoring system for ongoing projects

By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: Capital Development Authority (CDA) is in process of developing an innovative project management system for effective monitoring of ongoing development projects in Islamabad. Technology based project monitoring system will enable CDA Administration to monitor real time physical progress of the project.
The purpose of introduction of project management system is to ensure timely completion of all ongoing development projects in Islamabad. Chairman Capital Development Authority had earlier directed to devise a robust monitoring mechanism for ongoing development projects in the city.
The project management system is designed to make monitoring of ongoing projects a computer click away from CDA administration. Monitoring cameras will be installed at all ongoing projects sites and will be connected to a monitoring system installed at Conference Room of CDA Headquarters. The project management system will get round the clock live streaming of project sites and will generate real time work progress data.
Initially monitoring cameras have been installed at work sites at Burma Bridge and G-7/G-8 underpass. Gradually the system will be expanded to other development work sites including Park Enclave and Capital Hospital .The monitoring system will made app based in days to come.
Work is starting at projects which were stopped due to situation arising out of Corona Virus. Now all development works in Islamabad are back on track. CDA administration has resolved to make sure completion of all ongoing projects within given time frame.