Car dealers to face CDA’s wrath over encroachments

ISLAMABAD: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to conduct a massive operation to eliminate the encroachments made by car dealers and showroom owners and others on footpaths and parking areas in different sectors of Islamabad.
The CDA has sent a final notice to car deals and showroom owners to remove encroachments. According to the notice, illegal encroachments are hindering pedestrian movement in different sectors. If the encroachments are not removed, CDA will conduct the operation to remove them.
According to sources, CDA has decided to conduct operations on the complaints of the general public. During the first phase, the operation will be launched against car dealers in G8, Karachi Company. The CDA’s concerned directorate has approached District Administration to assist in the operation. According to sources, during the operation, several illegally constructed ramps, and illegal structures will be demolished while unattended parked vehicles of car motor dealers and showrooms in the public parking area will be shifted to police stations. –Agencies