Captain’s government won’t last long: Zardari

SADIQABAD: Former president Asif Ali Zardari said he did not see the “captain’s government” running its course.

Addressing a gathering in Sadiqabad, Zardari took aim at Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying the premier could “neither handle the economy nor government.”
“I don’t think the captain’s government will last long,” said the Pakistan Peoples Party co-chairman. “If you don’t deliver you will have to go home.”
“They think we brought the 18th amendment for our use. The world has progressed. Truth cannot be hidden. They will have to go home if they don’t work,” Zardari continued.
He reminded that there were no political prisoners during PPP’s rule. “If given another opportunity, we will bring a system that the country needs.
“If I hadn’t given powers to the parliament, then a dentist would not have been the president of the country today,” he added.
Eluding to the prime minister’s recent statement on U-turns, Zardari remarked that neither Napoleon Bonaparte nor Hitler were remembered as heroes. “Hitler killed 55 million people, he was no hero.”