Capital’s temperature to drop down freezing point

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: A harsh cold wave is predicted across Pakistan this week. Mercury is expected to drop significantly as a result of the prevailing weather system over most parts of the country.
The temperature in Islamabad is expected to dip below the freezing point as the city could see the mercury drop to as low as -1°C on Friday, as forecasted by experts.
Pak Weather had predicted Murree will receive heavy snowfall between 10 and 14 January. The network had forecast snowfall on Islamabad’s Margalla Hills due to its close proximity to the hill station during the same period. Meanwhile, authorities have geared up to brave the cold weather in the coming days. The Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has changed the timings of education institutes operating under it.
It has also allowed students to wear warm clothes of any color to prevent themselves from falling prey to diseases during the cold wave. The FDE has also directed private institutes to follow these directives.