Can't take away development projects despite Nawaz's ouster: Asif

SIALKOT: Opponents of Pakistan’s former prime minister managed to have him ousted but they would never be able to take away “his development projects”, Minister of Foreign Affairs Khawaja Asif said while addressing a workers’ convention in the city.

“You had him ousted from his role (as the prime minister) but you cannot take away his development projects,” warned Asif, referring to ex-premier Nawaz Sharif, who was recently named the supremo of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) after being disqualified as party president.

Asif, a PML-N lawmaker from Sialkot, also talked about the political party’s reputation, saying: “The opposition believes they could stain our image by dragging us into the NAB (National Accountability Bureau).”

However, the Sharifs continue to have approval from more and more people, the foreign minister noted.

“Nawaz Sharif gains popularity while an ex-dictator is dishonoured,” he commented, adding that criticising courts’ rulings is “our right” and that history is witness to who really “broke the Constitution”.

Asif then went on to express hope for the upcoming general elections, stating that “the elections are just around the corner, so let’s see who wins this game!”