Can prove in court what's written in book, says Reham

LONDON: Reham Khan, former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and a TV presenter, said that she could prove in a court what she had written in her autobiography, which was released on Amazon and in paperback in the UK and select territories.

Reham said so in a detailed interview with anchorperson Muneeb Farooq on media show at Local TV Channel.
Asked about the timing of her book’s launch, she said that she was not concerned how people viewed it and only knew of the intentions with which the book was written.
“My intention and motivation [in writing the book] has been rectification,” Reham maintained.
“Because I was aware of so many things about life and people, yet was unaware of them. I felt that I was ignorant…and there would be so many people like me for whom it would be an eye-opener, even for those living in England.”
She also said that people in her family used to think of her as an intelligent person, but their views had changed now, because of her decisions.
Asked why she thought of this “rectification” after divorce from Imran, the former TV presenter replied, “I should have written it by the time of my first divorce. I did not, like so many others, for the sake of saving my job, my children were still young and I did not want to disclose where did I live. I was not even empowered and I did not even think that it could be helpful to some young girl and she might be able to make better decisions.”
“I do regret it that I should have written it at that time,” she added.
Responding to a question about her profile elevation after her marriage and subsequent divorce from the PTI chairman, Reham said: “Obviously, [my] profile increased, I got a major platform; I had been married to Pakistan’s only celebrity. I have utilised every platform I found in a way in which there could be someone’s betterment.”
Terming her decision to marry the PTI chairman a “huge mistake”, she said that she also found it difficult to forgive herself.
“I have held my hands up and said that this intelligence I don’t have….. It was even difficult for me to forgive myself for such a huge mistake.
“I would term my marriage with Imran an incident. It wasn’t a pleasant experience,” the former TV presenter said when again asked about her mistake comment.
She, however, said that she had no hatred for anyone, be it her first husband or Imran.
“I don’t have a vendetta or hatred against anyone, not against my first husband, not against Imran or other individuals involved in this.”
Asked about the perception that the purpose of publishing this book was to politically damage the PTI chairman, Reham said: “No, that’s not the reason. But you are free to shape any opinion about myself. This is my exposé rather than the men I have married.”
During the interview, the former TV presenter was also questioned about Imran’s confessions pertaining to other women, as she claimed in her book, and if she ever threatened him of making those confessions public.
“I didn’t marry [him] with this intent…I could not have even imagined that we would ever be separated,” she replied.