Cambodia slams 2 US politicians for interfering

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia on Friday lashed out at two U.S. politicians for interfering in the country’s domestic affairs after they called for the release of jailed activists.
Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said in a statement that the kingdom is disappointed by the politically-motivated allegations made on Sept. 15 by two U.S. political figures, namely Congressman Alan Lowenthal and Assistant Secretary of State Robert A. Destro.
The statement said Cambodian authority’s measures on those law-breakers were to ensure peace, social order and public health in the country.
“The Spokesperson notes with deep regrets that their assessments are inaccurate and did not take into account the factual and legal aspects of the issue at hand,” the statement said.
It added that Cambodia cherishes the freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly as guaranteed under the Constitution. However, the exercise of such rights and freedom shall be in accordance with the law.
“Freedom of expression does not equate to freedom to spread indiscriminate hatred, racism and violence,” the statement said. “The Spokesperson notes a certain degree of double standard displayed by the two personalities when on the one hand they call for an extrajudicial release of certain particular groups, in contrary to the exercise of due process by the judiciary, and on the other hand they call for the respect of the rule of law,” it added.
The statement came after the two U.S. politicians urged Cambodia to release activists who have been detained for allegedly causing social chaos.–Agencies