Calligraphy, painting exhibition held at PAC

By Abid Usman

RAWALPINDI: Punjab Arts Council organizes joint exhibition of paintings and Islamic calligraphy by Afia Sarush and Tabanda Batool. More than 80 works of painting and calligraphy were displayed in the exhibition, including Quranic verses, forests, natural life and spring season.
The special guests of the exhibition were Naheed Manzoor and Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmad. Naheed Manzoor said that Creation is an attribute of Allah Almighty. Everything between the heavens and the earth has been created by Allah Almighty.
The artwork on display is a real treat for nature. Both the artists painted beautiful scenes of nature. Colors do not need language. Colors speak their own language. Artists always play a positive role in society.
We must attract the younger generation to traditional education as well as art, she added. Director Arts Council Waqar Ahmed said that it is an art to combine different subjects in one exhibition. Arts Council has always provided a platform to the youth so that they can present their work to the world.
The Punjab government is aware of the financial difficulties of the artists and is assisting them with artist support fund and onetime special grants. The joint exhibition will run till July 8.