Brutalities in IoK see 81st day


SRINAGAR: In occupied Kashmir, people of the Kashmir Valley and Muslim majority areas of Jammu region continue to suffer due to Indian military clampdown, which entered 81st running day on Thursday (today), Kashmir Media Service reported.
Restrictions imposed under section 144 and total ban on internet and prepaid cellular phones are badly affecting people across all spheres of life. The ongoing internet gag is the longest ever witnessed in the Kashmir Valley. The previous longest was witnessed during the 2016 mass uprising. Though frequent internet shutdown is nothing new for the Kashmiris as in the past decade the service was snapped multiple times. However, this time not only mobile internet services were barred but broadband services were also snapped.
Although the occupation authorities recently restored voice calls on postpaid mobile phones but thousands of subscribers found their services disconnected by telecom companies due to non-payment of bills for the period of the suspension of services. The landline phones were restored last month but due to the switch over to cellular networks they are less in number as compared to mobile phones.–Agencies