Britain’s snowsports dream big

LONDON: Britain’s skiers and snowboarders are training and racing all over the world, chasing competition and chasing the snow.
Vicky Gosling, CEO of GB snowsports, believes the team has the strength and depth to achieve great results at the Beijing Winter Olympics in two years.
Britain collected two medals at the PyeongChang Winter Olympic in 2018. For Beijing 2022, Gosling said that they definitely want “more than that.”
“We’re aiming around eight medals, but that’s not set in stone,” she said. “We’ve got such a diverse set of athletes. Athletes at the top end of the pyramid are already delivering.”
Gosling was quite pleased with the teams’ preparations for Beijing 2022. “It’s really good. We’ve got teams everywhere training.”
“We obviously have some World Cups we are focusing on a lot and we put our athletes first, making sure that they are fit for the snow. And obviously the best training that they can have is that on the mountain. So we have them literally across the world. Everybody’s out there racing and the results have been fantastic.”
But GB snowsports won’t be complacent with the single-digit medal collection. They have set an ambitious goal of making Britain one of the top five Olympic ski and snowboarding nations by 2030.
“It’s particularly ambitious when we don’t have big mountains or much snow,” Gosling said frankly. “However, that comes with having the strength and depth across the different disciplines and the ability to medal in the different disciplines. What we’ve done to create some depth underneath that vision is set some pillars out there.” – Agencies