Body of 15 year old missing boy found

Yanshan: The body of the 15-year-old boy who went missing at a high school in Yanshan county, Jiangxi province, last October has been found hanging in the woods near the school, local police said on Sunday.
On Oct 14, Hu Xinyu, a student at Zhiyuan Senior High School, was reported missing. According to video footage provided by the school, he was last seen around 5:48 pm at the dormitories. Hu was believed to be on his way to the classrooms in a nearby building for an evening study session. The search for the boy has been ongoing ever since.
Around 12:25 pm on Saturday, the police received a call from the public saying a body was seen hanging in the woods in Jinji Mountains near the school. After the crime scene investigation, the police found that the clothes on the body matched that of what Hu was wearing when he disappeared, Yanshan police said in a statement.
The police then asked local prosecutors, representatives of the family and the family’s lawyer to preside the investigation. According to DNA results that came out on Sunday, the body belongs to Hu. Also, a digital voice recorder found at the scene has been sent to be analyzed while China’s criminal investigation experts have been invited to join the investigation, according to the statement.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item