BJP’s evil agenda


BJP government foreign policy being conducted in this region under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is gimmickry synonymous with the proverb, “A wolf in sheep clothing.” India arrested two low rank officials of Pakistani High Commission on Sunday for being allegedly involved in espionage, declared them persona non grata and expelled them. The officials according to the Indian media were trying to obtain sensitive documents about Indian security establishment from a local person, who was not named. A statement of Indian External affairs Ministry stated that these officials of Pakistan’s High Commission were apprehended by law enforcement authorities for indulging in espionage activities. Pakistan has condemned the decision of expulsion of two staff members of its High Commission and rejected the allegations leveled against them as fabricated. Over the past seven years, the ruling BJP leadership has demonstrated a belligerent attitude towards Pakistan, throwing into the ocean the famous “Gujral Doctrine” of former outstanding intellectual Indian Prime Minister Dr. Inder Kumar Gujral (late), which envisages amicable resolution of territorial disputes by India with its small neighbour countries. Ceasefire violations of line of control are made on daily basis in addition to a number of false flag operations, blaming them on Pakistan with cliché narrative of its involvement in cross-border terrorism. India has developed tension with China by constructing a strategic link road from Dharchalu in Uttarkand state to the Lipu Lekh Pass near the actual Line of Control with China, besides building an airstrip there. In response, Chines troops entered into Pangong,Tso Galwam valley areas of eastern Ladakh region early last month, pushing out the deployed Indian forces. Since then both countries have moved heavy guns and other weapon systems to the line of actual control. India claims that China is escalating tension. The unprovoked firing by the Indian forces along the line of control, anti-Pakistan rhetoric and decision to declare two officials of Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi persona non grata and their subsequent expulsion are part and parcel of Indian foreign policy to divert the attention from the atrocities being perpetrated on Kashmiris, and changing their demography with new domicile law in the occupied Kashmir and BJP government internal policy of imposing Hindu Supremacist and fascist ideology of Hindutva on 200 million Muslims of India. After assuming power for the second tenure, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted two pronged anti-Muslim policy. The policy comprises ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Muslims in occupied Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, granting special status to Kashmir; Article 35-A of the Constitution of the State of Kashmir and marginalizing Indian Muslims across India by enforcing Citizensip Amendment Act 2019 and Citizens Registration Register. Indian forces are using brute force and martyrs the Kashmiri youth, The provisions of new domicile law entitles non-Kashmiris for getting bonafide citizenship certificate by virtue of his or hers stay for few years in the Indian held Kashmir or has passed Matric examination from a school there.