BJP terms own IT Cell Chief as a foreign terrorist

-In a dramatic move, Indian govt declared its own party member and head of Minorities Wing in IoK as LeT operator
-Move part of Indian ploy to raise terror controversies, involving Pakistan ahead of FATF team’s Islamabad visit

From Christina Palmer

NEW DELHI: In a major development and following the script of the drama to blame Pakistan for terror spread, India on Sunday arrested ruling BJP’s own IT Cell Chief and head of its IoK’s Minirotoes Wing, one Talib Hussain and termed him as a terrorist, belonging to a proscribed outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba, banned in Pakistan.
The arrest was also made in a highly dramatic manner as the busting of BJP’s IT Cell Wing was done by no Intelligence or Police officials but by ordinary villagers of a village in Rajauri District while later local police, in a traditional and scripted manner, arranged the recovery of arms from the custody of BJP’s official.
Later, many BJP top leaders tried to dub Talib as an accidental member of the ruling party, terming it to be a fault out of its Online membership process where he was enrolled without proper verification.
However, The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that Talib was not any ordinary member of the BJP but was a couple of months back appointed as head of Party’s Social Media Cell for Minorities in the disputed valley.
“Mr. Talib Hussain Shah, at Draj Kotranka, budhan, District Rajouri, shall be the new IT & Social Media Incharge BJP Minority Mocha Jammu Province with immediate effect” read an order issued by the BJP Minority Morcha IIoJK on 9th of May this year. Apart from this, there are a number of pictures of Talib with senior BJP leaders including J&K President Ravindra Raina that proves that he has been in the BJP leadership’s close circle for a very long time and was not an alien or someone who accidently joined the ruling party and that too by some impersonation manner.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW, and Indian government particularly it’s Ministries of External Affairs and Home Affairs are following a script of dramas to portray Pakistan as State, linked , directly or indirectly to terrorism in India. A few days earlier, in another similar drama, Indian state Rajasthan’s Home Minister Rajendra Singh Yadav claimed that one of the accused in a high profile murder cum terror incident, had visited Karachi in 2014.
Yadav alleged further that Ghouse Mohammad, one of the accused, was in Karachi for 45 days in 2014. Similarly, a Director General of Indian Police ML Lather had accused, without any proofs that said that the accused had gone to visit the office of “Dawat-e-Islami”. Pakistan, straight away rejected India’s “mischievous” attempt to link the accused of the murder case in Udaipur with a Pakistani organization.
“We have seen reports in a segment of the Indian media referring to investigations into the murder case in Udaipur, mischievously seeking to link the accused individuals — Indian nationals — to an organization in Pakistan,” said the Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson in a statement.
The spokesperson, while “categorically” rejecting the insinuations, said that the linking was a “typical” BJP-RSS “Hindutva” driven Indian regime’s attempts to malign Pakistan “including externalizing their internal issues through pointing of fingers towards Pakistan”.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that this series of terror dramas by India and a sudden flow of its attempts to blame Pakistan for the terror across India is clearly aimed to sabotage Pakistan’s efforts to get cleared of FATF Grey List and the surge in this regard from India has been observed soon after FATF announced to send its team to Pakistan for onsite inspection and for final clearance.
India is not record and, in fact, has admitted of misusing the FATF for keeping Pakistan on Grey List and in fact made all out efforts to move it lower to the Black List, citing suspicion of terror funding to groups in India.