BJ sees improved ecological competitiveness

HOHHOT: China’s ecological competitiveness has increased as ecological indicators continue to improve, an official said at the 9th China Forum on International Ecological Competitiveness on Sunday.
China’s forest cover has reached 22.96 percent and the forest stock volume has hit 17.56 billion cubic meters, while grassland vegetation cover and wetland protection rate increased to 55.7 percent and 52.2 percent, respectively, said Hu Zhangcui, an official with the National Afforestation Committee, at the forum held in Hulun Buir, north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
There are 11,800 natural reserves in China, protecting about 90 percent of the country’s typical terrestrial ecosystem, 85 percent of wildlife species, and 65 percent of higher plant communities, said Hu. Desertified land has decreased by an average of 198,000 hectares per year, and the area of rocky desertification by 386,000 hectares per year, Hu added. – Agencies