Beijing vows best help to Pakistan

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BEIJING: China will continue to provide its best help to Pakistan against Covid-19 pandemic as both the countries have fine tradition of lending support and assistance to each other in the difficult time, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Hua Chunying said on Monday.
“China and Pakistan are all weather strategic cooperative partners and iron friends. We have fine tradition of lending each other support and mutual assistance in the time of adversary,” she said while responding to a question of APP during her regular briefing held here.
The spokesperson remarked that since the outbreak, Pakistan and its people had lent precious and timely support to China immediately and added, “We will never forget this and We will always bear in mind this precious friendship.”
Expressing concerns over spread of novel coronavirus in different parts of Pakistan, she said “We totally relate to what they are experiencing.”
Hua Chunying said the Chinese government had donated supplies such as testing kits, masks, protective suits and ventilators to help Pakistan fight the disease. “And we will also help Pakistan to set up temporary makeshift hospital. Last week this hospital has been put into construction.” She informed that the Chinese side held a video conference with Pakistan’s health authorities to evolve a strategy against the pandemic. “We also invited Pakistan to attend the video conference on Covid-19.”
Referring to medical team, organized by China’s National Health Commission and consisted of experts selected by the health commission of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region which was currently visiting Pakistan to provide consultations of pandemic control, patients treatment and laboratory works and guide and train Pakistani medical staff, she said, currently, the team was in Islamabad and was working nonstop.
The medical team likely to stay in Pakistan for around two weeks would also visit Punjab and Sindh provinces.
The spokesperson said, in addition, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region had donated supplies to Pakistan while China’s renowned Alibaba Group also provided medical supplies. This information was available online.
“In addition, many friendly sister cities and provinces in China also donated the epidemic response and control materials to Pakistan and they are also joined by Red Cross Society,” she added. She pointed out that assistance and help extended by Chinese enterprises was also on the way, adding, “We will continue to provide our best possible help if necessary.”
Agencies Add: Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on March 27 had received a consignment of medical aid from China for fighting the coronavirus epidemic in the country at Karachi airport. The governor received the aid consignment on behalf of the federal government. The consignment comprises 56,000 testing kits to detect coronavirus cases, N95 surgical masks, and other medical emergency equipment.
A team of Chinese doctors also arrived in Pakistan on Saturday to help the country in containing the spread of the coronavirus. These Chinese doctors will remain in Pakistan for two weeks and will advise our health care specialists in the light of their experience and success in battling Covid-19 in China.
Xinjiang government has also provided 50 thousand masks each to the Federal Capital as well as to the Sindh government. It may be noted that the virus has killed 18 people in Pakistan and around 1,700 people are under treatment in the hospitals across the country.