Beijing urges UN to protect people in Syria


DM Monitoring

UNITED NATIONS: China’s permanent representative to the United Nations (UN) Zhang Jun on Wednesday called for efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria.
Zhang stressed the need to take a holistic approach to revitalize the Syrian economy.
Noting the Syrian government has launched many initiatives to ease the country’s economic woes, which warrant positive recognition, Zhang told the Security Council that the international community should increase assistance to Syria, and support its endeavors to develop the economy, improve livelihood, and reconstruct infrastructure, and should fulfill its humanitarian commitments to Syria without delay, with no strings attached.
What needs to be done immediately is the lifting of unilateral sanctions, which are seriously undermining the ability of countries like Syria to mobilize resources, revive their economies, and respond to COVID-19, Zhang said.
The UN secretary-general and his special envoy have repeatedly appealed for a waiver of unilateral sanctions. China strongly urges the relevant countries to respond positively to those appeals by lifting unilateral sanctions against Syria and other countries without delay, he said.
China welcomes the recent progress in cross-line humanitarian operations, and hopes that the parties concerned will keep improving the efficiency of cross-line humanitarian operations and simplify the procedures for cross-border delivery to meet the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people, he said.
Zhang asked for efforts to combat COVID-19 and support the pandemic response and life-saving efforts of Syria, adding China encourages the Syrian government to continue its proactive approach to addressing the situation, commends and supports the work of the World Health Organization in leading and coordinating countrywide COVID-19 response efforts.