Beijing steps up wildlife protection


BEIJING: At a large forest park in eastern Beijing, 11 birds on the state-level protection list, including four mandarin ducks and two night herons, were recently released.
These birds had recovered after the Beijing Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center rescued and took care of them. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the city has rescued more than 800 wild animals, with half of them on the country’s first or second-level protection lists.
“We will speed up our efforts to push the establishment of district-level wildlife rescue centers to jointly guard the health of wildlife,” said Du Lianhai, director of the center. The center was set up in 2001 and built a 16-hectare wildlife rescue base in the capital’s Shunyi District in 2005. Staff at the base have rescued and rehabilitated over 30,000 wild animals in total. Wildlife protection has been strengthened in Beijing in recent years. On June 1, the city’s newly adopted regulation on wildlife protection took effect, introducing stricter and more concrete measures to protect the environment and wildlife. – Agencies