Beijing slams US over passing Tibet bill


BEIJING: Beijing slammed Washington over the US House of Representatives passing a bill on Tibet, and it called on the United States to stop using Tibet-related issues to interfere in China’s internal affairs. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying expressed indignation and opposition to the bill, the Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2019, in an online statement, saying it violated international law and basic rules governing international relations and sent the wrong signal to separatist forces pushing for Tibet independence. The bill bans new Chinese consulates in US territory until a US consulate is set up in Lhasa, the Tibet autonomous region’s capital. As an amendment to the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002, the recently passed bill lays out a road map for sanctions on Chinese officials “interfering” in the succession and reincarnation of the Dalai Lama. Hua said China urges the US to correct its mistake immediately and do more to help promote bilateral trust and cooperation, rather than the opposite. She added that China demands that the US objectively view the economic and social development in Tibet and clearly understand the sensitivity of related issues. Noting that Tibet has been Chinese territory historically, Hua said what happens in the region is purely China’s domestic affair and no external interference is tolerable. Tibet’s development in areas such as its economy, society, culture and ecology have made historic progress over the past 60 years, she said, adding that the international community has become more aware of the situation in the region and both understands and supports the country’s policies. – The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item