Beijing rejects Washington’s report on arms control


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BEIJING: A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said late on Wednesday the accusations against China made in a latest U.S. report on arms control are “as absurd as the thief calling others thieves.”
The U.S. government has been compiling the so-called compliance report annually, posturing as a referee or judge to criticize other countries’ arms control and non-proliferation measures and style itself as a “model,” spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a press briefing.
In recent years, the United States, under the banner of “America first”, has walked back on one commitment after another, Zhao said.
The United States stood singly in the way of negotiations for a Biological Weapons Convention protocol that includes a verification regime, has yet to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile, is deliberating resuming nuclear tests, and adopts a negative attitude on extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia, he said.
“What it has done seriously disrupts global strategic equilibrium and stability and hampers international arms control and disarmament process. It has been condemned by the international community,” said the spokesperson.
However, instead of reflecting upon itself, the U.S. side tries to throw mud at others in an attempt to create pretexts for its own abandonment of obligations and look for scapegoats to deflect attention.
“The whole world, including insightful people in the United States, can see through this,” Zhao said.
With a high sense of responsibility, China faithfully fulfills its international obligations and commitments and firmly upholds multilateralism, contributing to safeguarding the international arms control and non-proliferation regime as well as world peace and security, he said.
The Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress has recently passed a decision on China’s accession to the Arms Trade Treaty.
“This stands in sharp contrast with the U.S. withdrawal from the same treaty. When it comes to compliance with arms control instruments, the international community has a fair judgment on whether China or the United States has a better record,” Zhao said.