Beijing offers help to London to counter virus

BEIJING: President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke over phone on Monday night and voiced support for the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
On behalf of the Chinese government and people, Xi extended sincere sympathies to the British government and people over their fight against the coronavirus disease. Upon request, he introduced China’s epidemic prevention and control measures.

Xi stressed that China hopes that Britain will enhance coordination with China to minimize the risk of the epidemic’s spread while ensuring necessary flow of people and trade. China is ready to provide support and help for Britain, said Xi, adding that he is confident that Britain will surely prevail over the epidemic under Johnson’s leadership. Reiterating that the Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the health and safety of Chinese citizens overseas, Xi expressed his hope that Britain will take concrete and effective measures in safeguarding the health, safety and legitimate rights of Chinese nationals on its soil, particularly those studying in Britain. Viruses know no national boundaries or races, and only by working together can mankind win the battle against them, Xi pointed out. He called on all nations to push forward cooperation within the frameworks of the United Nations and the Group of 20 (G20), enhance the sharing of information and experience, boost collaboration in scientific research, support the WHO in playing its due role, and improve global health governance.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item