Beijing hits hard on  Washington over HR violations in US


From Our Correspondent
BEIJING: China expressed its shock and deep concern about the human rights violations in the United States and some European Union (EU) countries.
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying made the remarks when asked to comment on reports by the United Nations and other organizations, which stated there are human rights violations in the United States and some EU countries, including illegally holding a large number of immigrant children and frequent infringement of children’s rights.
Recently, human rights conditions in the United States and some EU countries continue to deteriorate with the increasingly severe income disparity, racial discrimination and exclusion, Hua told a press briefing. Hua said tens of thousands of immigrant children were forcibly held in the United States, adding that such family separation policies have given rise to numerous human tragedies.
Human rights protection should not just be lip service nor should it be an excuse for interference in other countries’ internal affairs, but real and responsible actions, she said. “We hope the United States will keep its promise on human rights, effectively guarantee the basic rights of all groups, especially the vulnerable groups, and provide tangible assistance to the development of human rights at home and abroad,” the spokesperson said.