Azerbaijani army capable to diffuse any Armenian aggression


DM Monitoring

BAKU: Reports that allegedly as a result of mortar, rocket and artillery strikes of the Azerbaijani army, damage to the civilian infrastructure of Armenia in the amount of $ 300,000 was inflicted is a lie, media reports with reference to Azerbaijani Defense Ministry.
These reports are nothing more than an attempt by the government of this country to blame Azerbaijan on its inability to repair the outdated and damaged private residential buildings, kindergartens, water and gas pipelines, factories, enterprises located in border settlements, i. e., abandoned facilities that were already in terrible condition, the Defense Ministry said.
“A kind of contradiction is created. During the July battles in the Tovuz direction of the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, the Armenian Ministry of Defense has repeatedly stated that during the hostilities the Armenian side, “worthily” defending itself, did not suffer significant losses and prevented possible destruction that could have been inflicted on the settlements and infrastructure of Armenia.
However, less than two weeks have passed before the chairman of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, Hayk Grigoryan, began sounding the alarm about the large-scale damage inflicted on the Tavush region.
As you can see, the statement of one Armenian official completely contradicts the statement of another official. This indicates that even the official information disseminated by the Armenian side is based on lies and slander. Unlike Armenia, the units of the Azerbaijan Army never target and fire at the civilian population, settlements, houses, civilian objects. Azerbaijani soldiers never fight the civilian population. All claims and accusations of the Armenian side are unfounded. All this is yet another unsuccessful attempt to arouse compassion and attract the attention of the world community and international organizations,” the ministry’s statement said.
“As for the unfounded accusations of the Investigative Committee of Armenia in connection with the alleged use of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1 and multiple Grad launch rocket systems by the Azerbaijani side during the hostilities on the Azerbaijani- Armenian border, we unambiguously state that during these battles the Azerbaijani army did not use these weapons.
The Azerbaijani army intends to use these weapons and other more modern weapons solely for the destruction of selected military facilities, military infrastructure, and manpower over large areas deep in the enemy’s defense with precise fire. However, it is known that such objects have not yet been targeted by us and have not been destroyed. If, as the Armenian side claims, the Azerbaijani army would use these weapons, then the scale of destruction and damage would be many times greater.
On the contrary, in the course of these battles, as a result of Armenia’s intensive artillery shelling of our units’ positions, as well as settlements and civilian objects, on July 14, a 76-year-old civilian from the village of Aghdam, Tovuz region, Aziz Azizov, died. At the same time, damage was inflicted on civilians, public and private property, and infrastructure, and the extent of the damage is being assessed,” the ministry said.
“Units of the Azerbaijan army only took adequate retaliatory measures solely in accordance with the power and destructive force of the combat means used by Armenia. If the Armenian side has any evidence regarding the use of TOS-1 heavy flamethrower systems and Grad multiple launch rocket systems, let the evidence be known. We categorically reject this information and declare that this is another lie. Armenia, as always, and this time also, is spreading misinformation, is trying to deceive the international community,” the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.