Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan set example for Islamic World

BAKU: If one looks at the current political situation in the Islamic world, it is possible to see that today the Islamic world is completely divided as a result of the lack of mutual support and solidarity.
There are many disagreements among Muslim countries, which, in fact, hinder their economic and political development. This is mainly used by Western countries.
Only a few of the Muslim countries realize that disagreements and lack of mutual understanding are not in their interests.
Among such countries are Azerbaijan, Turkey, and, of course, Pakistan. If one looks at Turkey’s foreign policy, it is possible to see that Ankara supported the Muslim countries in all conflicts in the Muslim countries. This could be seen also during the first and second Karabakh wars.
Turkey, as opposed to some Muslim countries, did not make double statements, did not help the occupying forces and rendered Azerbaijan political and moral support.
Other Muslim countries had to do this as well. As for Pakistan, which is the nuclear power of the Islamic world, it also rendered political support to Azerbaijan.
As is known, a trilateral meeting of the delegations of the parliaments of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan was held in the Azerbaijani parliament on July 27, during which the Baku Declaration was signed.
The declaration covered the issues of strengthening cooperation among the parliaments of Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Pakistan, further strengthening the political ties of the three countries and other issues.
By signing the Baku Declaration, Baku, Ankara and Islamabad actually created a new trilateral format of cooperation, which is beneficial to the peoples of these countries.
But this does not mean that this format is directed against any other side. Baku and Ankara have great experience in creating trilateral formats. Thus, the Turkey-Georgia-Azerbaijan, Turkey-Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan, and Turkey-Iran-Azerbaijan formats already exist.
Of course, the Azerbaijan-Turkey-Pakistan cooperation format will become an impetus for the creation of new trilateral formats, which Arab countries will sooner or later join. – Agencies