Autumn Equinox and Health Concerns

For both hemispheres, change of seasons is a rule of Nature. Geographically, South Asia is an amazing land of diversity with a unique combination of similarities and contrasts in relief, climate, vegetation, people and cultures. Since the dates of Autumnal Equinox are approaching, the South Asian countries lying in the Northern Hemisphere are expected to experience a swift change from summer to autumn lasting until the arrival of the Winter Solstice in December.

This transition of weather from hot to cool will have an immediate effect on human health. This is usually the post-monsoon season of dryness and frequent diseases including a number of allergies that can weaken our immune system. Hence, special attention should be paid to those measures that can help us stay healthy and active. Eating warm and moist diet can enable us maintain the balance of our body. Moderate physical exercise can also reduce the risk of endocrine diseases and disorders which are often reported during this[i] season.

It’s simple to understand as the Fall Equinox marks a fit balance between the length of day and night, so do we need to focus on creating balance in certain areas of our life including our health management and daily activities particularly during these days. Adopting a preventive and balanced approach towards our health and work can be the only mean to play a supportive role in the coming days of Autumnal Equinox.