Audits play role in fighting corruption


BEIJING: Audits have played a key role in fighting corruption and promoting the self-reform of the Communist Party of China by supervising economic power and revealing clues about major violations of discipline and law in the past year, the National Audit Office said on Tuesday. From May 2021 to April this year, auditors found and transferred more than 300 pieces of information about major violations of Party discipline and laws to related authorities, involving more than 130 billion yuan ($19.4 billion) and over 3,000 people, data from an annual audit report showed.
Hou Kai, head of the National Audit Office, delivered the report on the central government’s budget implementation for 2021 on Tuesday to the ongoing session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the country’s top legislature, for review. The audits found that there are increasingly prominent problems of officials being targeted by interest groups and there are more hidden and varied ways for officials to abuse their positions or authority for financial gains, the report said. Corruption at the grassroots level and in areas related to people’s livelihood has exacerbated the people’s urgent problems and worries, it said. Practicing the idea of people-centered development, the office said it has carried out auditing projects in areas closely related to people’s livelihood, including employment, elderly care, medical care, housing, poverty alleviation and rural vitalization to ensure government funds have been properly used in such areas.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item