ATM skimming: Chinese national arrested in Karachi

KARACHI: Police have arrested a Chinese national for his alleged involvement in ATM skimming fraud from Tipu Sultan Road, media reported.
An ATM skimming device and Rs0.65million were recovered from the suspect’s possession, the police said, adding that the suspect has been identified as Shu Shuping.
The police informed that three accomplices of the suspect managed to escape.
On January 10, police arrested two Chinese nationals for their alleged involvement in ATM skimming fraud.
It was learnt that the arrested foreigners were seen suspiciously doing the rounds of an ATM booth on Karachi’s Abdullah Haroon Road for the past three days.
Citizens took hold of the suspects and handed them over to police.
They were moved to Artillery Maidan police station for investigation.

What is ATM skimming?

ATM skimming can be regarded as identity theft for debit cards. Fraudsters employ different techniques to record your PIN code for accessing the money in an account.
In some instances, the schemers stick a fake card-reader on the ATM, while in others they place a fake keypad on the machine to get your PIN code.
Another technique employed in this crime is the use of a hidden camera, which records your PIN code and conveys it to fraudsters.
A few ATM skimmers also change the entire display of the ATM.