Atlas Honda profits dwindle in 9MCY22

ISLAMABAD:  Atlas Honda Limited (ALTH), a premier motorcycle maker in Pakistan, posted a 7% upsurge in revenue during the nine months (April-Dec) of the calendar year 2022 compared to the corresponding period of 2021, reports WealthPK.
ATLH revenue soared to Rs102 billion in 9MCY22 from Rs96 billion reported in 9MCY21.
The motorcycle maker reported a gross profit of Rs6.4 billion and net profit of Rs3.6 billion during the period under review compared to Rs7 billion gross profit and Rs3.9 billion net profit over the same period in 2021.
The company reported an earnings per share of Rs29.72 during the nine-month period of 2022 compared to Rs31.84 over the same period of 2021.
Atlas Honda Limited, listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange with the symbol of ATLH, is the third-largest company on the basis of market capitalisation in the automobile assembler sector.
ATLH has reported a market capitalisation of Rs34.6 billion. Established in 1962 as a joint project of Honda Motor Company Limited, Japan, and Atlas Group, Pakistan, ATLH is a leading manufacturer and seller of motorcycles in Pakistan.

Atlas Honda Limited – Quarterly Analysis – CY22

A quarterly comparison of profitability reveals that ATLH earned the highest profits in the first quarter (April-June) of 2022 followed by the third quarter (Oct-Dec). However, the second quarter (July-Sept) of 2022 remained the least profit gaining quarter for the company.
ATLH reported the highest sales value of Rs37 billion in the first quarter compared to the sales of second and third quarters. The company reported sales of Rs29 billion and Rs35 billion in second and third quarters, respectively.
The highest gross profit of Rs2.6 billion was reported in the first quarter followed by Rs2.3 billion in the third quarter and Rs1.4 billion in second quarter of 2022.
Excluding operational and finance costs, the highest net profit of Rs1.5 billion was reported in the first quarter followed by Rs1.4 billion in third quarter and Rs777 million in the second quarter.
Atlas Honda Limited reported an earnings per share value of Rs12.11 in the first quarter. The EPS value dropped to Rs6.26 in the second quarter. However, in the third quarter, the EPS rebounded to Rs11.35.