At least 22 injured as Parachinar rainstorm crumbles houses, downs power system

PARACHINAR: Stormy winds and heavy rainfall that continued for hours in the city, as well as other locales in Kurram district, have wreaked havoc and destroyed numerous brick and clay houses in the area, with canals and streams flooding and roads blocked.

The thunderous rain that went on for at least three hours broke down the power grid in various towns of theĀ Kurram district and hospitals had to declare an emergency.

Throngs of people are left out in the open as rainwater flooded their homes.

In this regard, Additional Deputy Commissioner Dr Afaq Wazir said local hospitals have declared an emergency and the area’s authorities were sending out rescue teams to all places they were receiving calls from.

At least 22 people who were injured in rain-related accidents were shifted to various local hospitals.

On the other hand, water management and drainage systems, too, broke down, with locals stepping up to help in the emergency and rescue operations.