Armenian provocation threatens peace: Aliyev

foreign desk report

BAKU: If the war continues, we will destroy their entire army, all of their army, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said in an interview to Turkish Haber Turk TV channel.
“During these two weeks, more than 200 Armenian tanks were destroyed and 33 tanks were taken as trophies. In other words, we have destroyed 233 Armenian tanks. Two S-300 installations were destroyed. Everyone knows the cost of each one. In addition, the OSA-35 air defense systems were destroyed. “TOR”, “KUB”, “KRUG”, trucks, anti-tank weapons.
If you count all this, the cost of equipment we have destroyed and taken as trophies is estimated at 1-2 billion dollars. The question is where poor Armenia found the money to buy all this. Did it buy it with money? No! They received it for free. Everyone knows who gave it to them. They give and continue giving them weapons. After the clashes in Tovuz District, the conflict ended on 16 July, and starting from 17 July cargo planes began delivering weapons to Armenia every day. Are these items in Armenia’s budget? No! Armenia’s foreign exchange reserves amount to $1.5 billion.
That’s all. It has no more money. The external public debt of this country is approximately $8 billion. So it is a failed state. Where does so much of destroyed equipment come from? And much more equipment will be destroyed. If the war continues, we will destroy their entire army, all of their army! Therefore, the sooner they stop the war, the more tanks and guns they will be able to save.
There is so much more of this is on the territory of Armenia. Russia has a military base in Armenia and there are 5,000 soldiers there. Does Turkey have a military base in Azerbaijan? No! Armenia’s border with Iran and Turkey is protected by Russian border guards. Are there Turkish border guards on the border of Azerbaijan? No! So no-one should accuse us. Otherwise, we will have to reveal all the unpleasant moments,” the head of state said.