‘Armenian bombing of Ganja same as Hitler’s bombing on Warsaw’

DM Monitoring

BAKU: The bombing of Ganja by Armenian armed forces today is equal to Hitler’s bombing of 1939 during the Siege of Warsaw, Peter M. Tase, US expert, strategic adviser on international affairs and public diplomacy to governments, universities and corporations in Europe and the Americas, told.
“Despite of the bilateral agreement to declare a ceasefire at 12:00, on October 10th, the Armenian armed forces, guided by evil doers of terrorist philosophy embraced by Armenian leadership, violated the ceasefire. At the same time, on October 10th various Azerbaijani communities and urban areas have been under artillery fire from the armed forces of Armenia. In the early hours of October 11th, the city of Ganja has been brutally attacked once again by Armenian missiles and cluster bombs,” he said.
Tase pointed out that all of these cruel actions and provocations led by Armenia, are an ever-stronger reason for the Republic of Azerbaijan to liberate every inch of its sovereign territory that has been under Armenian occupation for over three decades by military means.
“It is not surprising that European Union countries, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, European Council and US Department of State, are totally absent from the political and peaceful solution of this major crisis that is bringing Europe to its knees. I am convinced that Europe will experience direct ramifications and geopolitical consequences in the months ahead, unless its leadership acts swiftly and energetically condemns the autocratic leadership of Yerevan and acts of terrorism and launching of missiles against Azerbaijan’s largest cities and soft targets.
European powers and Washington are maintaining a disturbing distance from the Southern Caucasus region and their actions are not coordinated; official press releases have a general, ambiguous and useless language, and above all measures to condemn Yerevan’s violators of International humanitarian laws are outside the list of options; and again double standard postures are observed throughout Europe’s largest political centers,” said the expert.
While observing closely the loss of innocent lives across the cities of Azerbaijan and the International Community is standing by and waiting for a miracle to happen, it is really heart breaking when indifference reflected by European bureaucrats is overwhelming and economic – political pressure against Armenia is still out of question; therefore consistent operations of Azerbaijan Armed Forces are the only path forward to contain Armenian terrorist threat and secure peace and stability in Europe, and the Caucasus, Tase concluded.
On the other hand, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) welcomes the agreement on the humanitarian ceasefire of the escalating Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and stands ready, in its role as a neutral intermediary, to facilitate the handover of bodies of those killed in action and the simultaneous release of detainees, Trend reports citing ICRC.
“The ICRC has a long-standing history as a neutral intermediary in conflicts around the world, and it is our hope that this operation can move forward quickly so the remains of those killed in action can be returned to their loves ones and mourned with dignity,” said Martin Schüepp, ICRC Eurasia Regional Director in Geneva. “We are also here to facilitate the release of detainees for the sides of the conflict so that they can be reunited with their families.”
The ICRC is available to offer technical advice to the sides so that the dead are identified in accordance with international humanitarian law, and then facilitate the return of bodies.
“We are in regular discussions with the sides and expressed our readiness to engage in further discussions on the nature of the involvement of the ICRC to support the return of detainees and human remains, including the logistics and security guarantees for our teams,” said Schüepp. “It is also our hope that this agreement translates into meaningful relief for families after weeks of intense fighting.”
Following the earlier escalation of this conflict along the line of contact in April 2016, the ICRC supported the sides in carrying out similar operations. At that time, thanks to the coordinated efforts, it was possible to handover all the deceased to their families.
Since ICRC started working in connection with the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in 1992, the organization has repeatedly helped authorities with such operations.