Armenia resettling trained militants to occupied Azerbaijani lands

DM Monitoring

BAKU: Armenia is not resettling Armenian families from Lebanon to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, but well-trained Armenian militants, Arab journalist-researcher, expert on the South Caucasus Abdul-Hamid Gutub told.
Gutub said that the Armenians of Lebanon once played an important role in the fight against Muslim Arabs and other minorities during the 1970-1980 civil war in Lebanon.
He noted that almost all Lebanese Armenians are trained well in military affairs, and it is no secret that among the “families” transferred to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan there are many experienced Armenian militants who have the skills to establish the so-called militia and conduct hostilities in urban development and mountainous landscape.
“Not a lot of people write about this, but there are documentary facts that Armenians are being transferred to the occupied lands of Azerbaijan not only from Lebanon and Syria,” Gutub noted.
There are documentary facts that the Armenians of Egypt also underwent military training in Armenia and in the occupied Azerbaijani territories, the Arab journalist stressed.
“One of the confirmations of this kind is the documentary video footage shot by the Egyptian Armenian Osama Eid, who works as a journalist in one of the local media outlets, where it is described how Egyptian Armenians are trained in military camps in Armenia and in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan,” said Gutub.
“Armenia is transferring the so-called families of Lebanese Armenians to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. All this is aimed at changing the demographic composition of the region,” the journalist noted.
“According to the UN resolutions, Armenia must leave the occupied Azerbaijani territories, but despite this, the authorities of this country, with the support of the Armenian diaspora, reject these resolutions,” the expert said.
The occupied Azerbaijani territories can be considered the place of death or burial of international law, and UN resolutions, he said.
As for the position of the Arab countries, Gutub noted that the Arab countries must unhesitatingly solidarize with Azerbaijan, which is a member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).
“Unfortunately, not a single Arab country is showing due solidarity with Azerbaijan. The Arab countries should be given real support, following the example of Turkey, which is fully showing solidarity and demonstrating brotherhood with Azerbaijan,” the journalist said.
The expert believes that the governments of Arab countries should closely cooperate with Azerbaijan in all matters, but Azerbaijan, in turn, should activate its diaspora in Arab countries.